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While anesthesia is widely used and considered to be a safe medical practice, if negligence occurs on the part of the professional who is monitoring the patient, anesthesia can be complicated and dangerous. If you or a loved one has suffered because of an anesthesia error, you may have a medical malpractice claim against the anesthesiologist, doctor, nurses or other health providers whose case you or your loved one was under at the time. In worst case scenarios, an error can lead to death.

Breakdown of How Anesthesia Works

Anesthesia comes from the Greek phrase for “loss of sensation” – and for many people, this is where the understanding of the process ends. When undergoing a medical procedure, the patient will often be anesthetized, in varying dosages depending on the severity of the operation. For example, they might just have an area numbed or might be “put under” and made unconscious for the entire process.

The four main types of anesthetics that are utilized include:

  • Local – Only one small area of the body is numbed. Your mind will stay alert and you will be fully conscious of everything going on.
  • Conscious – Also known as Intravenous (IV) Sedation, this is used to relax the patient and soothe anxiety. While conscious, it is likely that you may not remember any part of the procedure.
  • Regional – Numbs out portions of the body – like an entire arm or leg. This could also include Epidurals which are utilized during childbirth to help birthing mothers handle pain from potential birth injuries.
  • General – The most common type which causes the patient to fall asleep. They feel nothing and have no memory of the procedure.

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Unfortunately, while anesthesia can be extremely useful in allowing patients to endure tough medical procedures – it can also go horribly wrong. An anesthesia error can occur if the wrong dosage is give, the patient is not properly monitored while asleep, oxygen is not properly administered to the patient, the medical professionals fail to notice if a patient is under stress or reacting poorly to the anesthesia, or any other number of negligent mistakes.

Should the medical professionals use too high of a dosage or use faulty equipment, it could cause the patient to wake up too soon, suffer brain damage or suffer from fatal injuries. Call our firm today at or visit our Contact page for help in your anesthesia error case!

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