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Medical Malpractice: Paralysis

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Certain surgical errors can lead to permanent spinal cord damage and paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia or a permanent loss of sensation and ability in the extremities. These cases can be the result of a failure to diagnose a condition such as a stroke, birth injuries, a surgical error or cases in which an injured victim was not stabilized properly after suffering a spinal cord injury, which then led to further damage that should have been avoided. Other causes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Incorrect diagnosis leading to an incorrect operation.
  • Surgical error affecting the spinal cord directly.
  • Malfunctioning machine damaging the spine.
  • Unnecessary bleeding leading to nerve damage.
  • Improperly casted arm or leg causing pinched nerves.
  • Surgeon tearing or stretching the nerve during surgery.

Surgical Errors Causing Paralysis

Surgical errors are much more frequent than many realize; when the spine is involved, the patient can suffer permanent damage and a forever changed life. In such cases, it is necessary to pursue compensation that reflects the changes that the victim will be dealing with for the rest of their lives. These claims involve careful research and gathering of all supporting evidence, presenting the claim with full documentation and pressing for a settlement that will provide for the victim throughout their lives.

Many victims of spinal cord injuries suffer ongoing physical difficulties that require special equipment and nursing care. These costs must be paid by the negligent parties. The other damages, such as the loss of quality of life, pain and suffering and lost earning potential must also be compensated for in a settlement. Should there be a refusal to come through with a fair settlement, our trial lawyers are exceptionally talented and have achieved high value judgments in court.

We are committed to helping our clients get these issues resolved favorably, and invite you to contact our firm at once if you or your loved one is now paralyzed, either partially or fully.