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Overturning “Maternal Forces of Labor”

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In 2012, our firm made history in made litigation history in a brachial plexus injury / erg’s palsy case. In Muhammad v. Fitzpatrick Mr. Lichtenstein precluded the “maternal forces of labor” defense – a defense which had stood for 20 years, and been used to deprive many injured children around the United States of compensation to which they should have been entitled and which they deserved.

This defense claims that brachial plexus or Erb’s palsy injuries are caused by the forces of labor and maternal pushing, and not by medical professionals. Mr. Lichtenstein succeeded where others around the Country had failed – he proved this defense was unreliable “junk science” – and the Appellate Court agreed to throw it out.

Even after that, other firms tried to achieve the same result and failed.

Mr. Lichtenstein then went back to work, and successfully precluded the defense on 2 other cases. See the opinions here:

Mr. Lichtenstein remains the only attorney in the entire United States to achieve this remarkable success, and he has done it multiple times. Click here to learn more about what the preclusion of the maternal forces of labor means for you.