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What You Need to Do About Your Surgical Injuries

In the United States, people spend over $10,000 a year on average for their health care costs every year. And anyone who watches the news can tell you that these costs aren’t likely to go down anytime soon.

Drug costs are expected to rise almost 12 percent in 2017 and experts predict that insurance premiums will spike as well.

With all those high costs you would think that Americans can count on quality health care across the board. Unfortunately, there are many issues that can be fatal or cause grave suffering for patients.

Surgical injuries are especially troubling as they can include doctor errors, wrong site surgeries (WSS), complications from anesthesia, and more problems.

Is there anything more heartbreaking than discovering that your doctor has botched your expensive surgery? We depend on medical professionals and often don’t know what to do when there is trouble.

But we can help. We’ve put together this expert guide on what to do in the event of surgical injuries.

Let’s get you protected now:

Types of Surgical Injuries and Errors

If you suspect that you have been the victim of a surgical injury or error you may be right. Surgeries are a very common source of medical malpractice.

These errors can include following:

  • Puncturing an Organ.
  • Wrong Site Surgeries (WSS): where a doctor operates on the wrong location.
  • Leaving an Instrument Behind.

If you or a loved one has had any of the above complications, it can be horrifying. Doctors may amputate the wrong limb or leave a surgical instrument inside the patient after the surgery is supposedly complete.

Causes Of Surgical Injuries

There are a number of reasons that surgical errors and injuries can occur. These range from medical incompetence to neglect.

Your surgeon could have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol or working for countless hours before your procedure.

Unfortunately, without medical training or legal representation, it is very difficult for the average patient to discover the cause.

However, in order to proceed, you will need to know the underlying reasons your injury took place. A trained legal advisor will evaluate your case to find the best strategy to protect your rights.

And remember, surgical errors are severe. You or a loved one may risk death or further complications if the issue isn’t addressed properly.

The Severity of Malpractice

There is no underestimating the severity of malpractice. It is widespread and it is deadly.

Did you know that medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States?

Approximately 10 percent of all deaths in the United States annually are a result of medical errors. And there is no way of confirming the existence of medical malpractice without legal help by your side.

Wrong Site Surgeries (WSS) alone make up 10 percent of all medical errors. It is estimated that 40 instances of WSS occur per week.

Get Records and Documentation

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a surgical error or a surgical injury, it is imperative you get all the records and documentation as fast and accurately as possible.

Unfortunately, this is not always an easy task. Just think; the hospital, doctor, and staff that you believe has been negligent are the same ones who you need to get documentation from.

Further, we all know that hospitals and insurance companies have huge legal teams at their disposal. They aren’t looking out for your best interests.

Without a lawyer looking out for you, you can injure your own chances at a solid case. You also should beware of interacting with negligent professionals on your own.

It could hurt your case as well.

Protect Others

If you have been the victim of surgical injuries, you are not alone. Many victims are not sure what to do and are wary of attempting legal recourse.

They fear that due to signing release forms and electing to proceed with surgery that they don’t have rights. This can cause patients and their loved ones to not pursue legal action and the due process they are granted as part of their basic rights.

This is a mistake for many reasons. Negotiating directly with a hospital or medical group puts you at a severe disadvantage.

You also may be putting others at risk. Did you know that 94 percent of doctors have zero malpractice claims paid out?

This means that surgical injuries are performed by a small portion of practicing doctors. But those doctors can do incredible damage.

The New England Journal of Medicine states that a small number of doctors are responsible for a “disproportionately large number of paid malpractice claims.”

Making sure these doctors are stopped is essential.

What you need to do about surgical injuries is make sure you have the best legal help possible. You won’t just be protecting you and your loved ones, you’ll be protecting others as well.

You Need Expert Help

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that malpractice is extremely prevalent and extremely deadly. It’s nearly impossible to navigate the complexities of medical malpractice on your own.

In the case of surgical injuries, you and your loved ones are up against a medical system that is increasingly liable for mistakes and offers little help for patients who have suffered medical malpractice.

That is where expert legal representation comes in. You need the right team to protect your rights, collect documentation, analyze your case, and build a strategy to create the best possible outcome.

And finding the best help is easier than you think when you know where to look.

Finding the Best Legal Help

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